Happy Anniversary!

I was going to bike over in Madison County today, but decided to ride in the Park instead.  Today, while I was briefly on the bike trail I passed Bill Abkemeier going the other way.  He was attired in Kaldi’s classic jersey, which is how I first recognized him.  Saturday morning is too crowded to use the bike trail much, so I stuck mainly to the roads, looping up and down the hills.

Things were going fine until as I approached the Hampton entrance this dude on a hybrid passed in front of me as I was waiting at the light, the nerve of some people.   So I gave chase.  I followed him towards the World Fair Pavilion and then down the hill past the bird cage.  At the bottom of the hill I passed him.  I turned left and headed up hill.  Apparently, this guy also takes exception to being passed by some dude on a bike, because he followed me.  I decided not to turn right and go up the back of Art Hill but instead continued going straight into Kennedy Forest.   As we both climbed towards High Point at first I was pulling away.  When we were halfway up the hill I could see him closing on me in my mirror.  I hung on and with legs tingling, summited first.  Looking behind me it seemed he had fallen back.  I headed down Skinker on the bike path and so did he.  At the bottom of the hill I turned on to the road again.  He followed.  What is with this guy?  I lit out and as I approached the Grand Basin I saw in my mirror that he had fallen off the back and was turning off for Art Hill.  Later, after I had turned for home I passed him going the other way.  I then made my escape from the Park and live to ride another day.

Anne, happy anniversary!  I’m sorry we’re not together today.  I miss you already.  Thank you for the gifts and the card.  I’m especially pleased with the Yiddish Policemen’s Union.  Enjoy your holiday.  See you soon.

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