Happy 4th of July!

Al-Muqanna or the “veiled one” (المقنع) was a Persian prophet.  In Thomas Moore’s poem Lalla Rookh, the Veiled Prophet of Khorasan is modelled after al-Muqanna.  From this poem, prominent socialites in St. Louis took the name for their secret society, the Veiled Prophet Organization, in 1878.  For 131 years, the organization has put on an annual fair and parade called the Veiled Prophet Fair.  The organization also puts on a debutante ball every year in December called the Veiled Prophet Ball. 

This morning I biked downtown to watch the Veiled Prophet Parade.  The weather today is incredible.  It was 65 and sunny as I left this morning.  The high is only going to be in the 70’s.  I stood by the old courthouse near the band judges on Dread Scott Ave. (aka Broadway).  After the parade I rode down to the Arch to see how the flood was progressing.  Afterwords, I headed uptown to Soldier’s Memorial where this year’s fair is to be held, Live Off the Levee.  Normally the fair is done on Wharf St. but with the flood it has been moved.  On the way home, while passing through the Park, I bumped into Mary Abkemeier.  We rode the length of the Park together.  Mary and I told each other about our planned vacations this summer.  Thanks again for the Anniversary card!  I got 25 miles today.

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