St. Louis South Side Ramble Part 1

Today, Anne and I launched on a tour of St. Louis city’s south side.  We headed east through the Park and towards downtown.  There were plenty of bonus ponds, with ducks, in the Park.  There were also turtles doing stretching exercises.  Circus Flora is setting up north of Grand Center.

White Knight White Palace Movie Poster

At 18th and Olive is a dinner called the White Knight.  It was the set for the 1990 movie White Palace, staring Susan Sarandon and James Spader.  Originally the film wanted to be called White Castle and to use a real south side White Castle as a set, but were refused.  After the movie the dinner asked to be able to use the name White Palace, but were also refused.  Hence, its current name, White Knight.

Old Court House

We hit downtown and headed south on Broadway.  The picture above is of the old federal courthouse, once infamous for the Dread-Scott Decision.  Today’s header is for Carl.  Its the new and the third Busch Stadium.  Soon to be renamed Becks Stadium, more on this later.

 Bike STL

We headed south on Broadway past Soulard’s farmers market.  We passed the brewery (Grrrr!).  At Broadway Heights we viewed a major barge traffic jam on the Mississippi and met Molly (3 years) and Dolly (2 years) and family.  Dave, be afraid, be very afraid.  Pictured above is Anne cruising on Broadway.

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