South Side Ramble Part 2


Our original plan was to hook up with Grant’s Trail, head out to Kirkwood and then circle home.  Pictured above is our turn around point.  Instead of the grand circuit we decided on a more modest circuit and were rewarded for it.  Hey, we still got 35 miles.  So on to our rewards …

 Bevo Mills

First, after sloughing up River Des Pere, where construction for this Greenway’s 2nd phase is already under way, we happened upon the Christy Greenway.  From there we cruised Bike STL ways headed north until we happened upon Bevo Mills.  St. Louis is a very German town and Bevo Mills is their south side heart. 

We continued on towards Tower Grove Park.  Got lost there and then found.  We headed towards Forest park but while passing the central west end decided that we needed an extra mile and swung north on Euclid and landed at Duff’s for lunch.  After a light lunch we made it home.

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