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MO law would fine employers for requiring microchip implants

Edited from Chris Blank/The Associated Press:

Your bosses can still make you work weekends.  But MO lawmakers have voted to make it a crime if they order a microchip be implanted in you.  Forcing a microchip implant is already barred in CA, ND and WI.   An OH video surveillance company and the Mexican attorney general’s office had employees get a chip implant for access to a secure room.  The push for a MO ban on forced implants started with Rep. Jim Guest, R-King City.  Guest said he doesn’t know of any MO employers who are doing that, but said it is important for states to get in front of the issue and regulate how tracking technology can be used.

The idea of microchip implants has led some Christians to draw comparisons to the Bible and prophecies of the end of the world.  Irwin Baxter Jr., who runs Endtime Ministries, said his primary concern is the overlap between a traceable implant and biblical descriptions of a “666” mark required to buy and sell goods.  Baxter said that, after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Americans tolerated greater privacy intrusions in the interest of security.  “A day after 2 billion die, there will be an absolute call for absolute security,” he said. “Part of that will be a foolproof means of identification, and once the demand for a foolproof means of identification comes, then the logical step is”  the chip under the skin.

OBTW, Osama, can I borrow a knife?

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