Pagoda Circle

It is hard to soar with eagles when spending last night hooting with owls.  The true Tragedy of Richard the 3rd came this morning, when the alarm clock sounded.  My last post bespoke of comedy on the morrow.  This morning the joke was on me.

This post’s picture was taken early yesterday morning not this morning.  No biking today.  It is of Pagoda Circle in front of the St. Louis Municipal Opera or simply the Muny.  Today’s header shows this summer’s Muny line up of shows.  The Producers and High School Musical look to be this seasons best shows.

This morning’s work was slow and frustrating and not just because of me.  To begin with one of the IT people came in and launched their weekly audits.  This promptly crashed all the systems, but by this time they had all disappeared into a two hour staff meeting. 

Then, one of the more bird brained programs that I use kept objecting to one of my input files, saying I was not using the same file that I had used in the previous step.  I actually had to use the debugger to discover the cause.  This program had been developed under UNIX.  Under UNIX file names are case sensitive, under Windows they are not.  So the culprit turned out to be a one letter capitalization discrepancy.

I went out to lunch, which is a rare event.  We went to Bandannas (as in neckerchiefs), a barbecue place.  After lunch things started to click and I was able to get my weekend jobs loaded on the computer.

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