Bicyclist Assistance

Rescued Dan

Storms again last night.  Today’s weather is Summer, temperatures near 90, high humidity.  I’m blogging with the AC on now.  The plan was for me to do 15 in the park by myself and then 15 with Anne.  I got my 15 in, got back home, Anne was ready and we launched again.  Only 2 miles from home her phone rings.  It is Dan.  His bike chain broke.  At my insistence Anne continues on with her ride.  I head home grab a replacement chain, chain tool and chain pins.  I hop into the car and I’m off.  I find Dan.  I show him how to use the chain tool.  We get the new chain on only to realize that I forgot to bring pliers to break off the end of the pin.  Dan tries using his knife, to no avail.  Finally, I get out the car’s tire iron and holding it like a golf club proceed to whack off the chain pin’s end.  The picture above is of Dan riding home and yes he is still not wearing a helmet.


Oh, I hear Anne coming in.  I wonder if she thinks it is hot out?

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