“Tweet, Tweet … Tweet” by Resito Pecson. twigs and moss

“Tweet, Tweet … Tweet” is a Christmas wreath designed by Resito Pecson. It is constructed from twigs and moss. It is my favorite wreath in the garden’s display of holiday wreaths. I love its delicate birds nest appearance. It is on the more eclectic end of the spectrum in this show’s collection. Most of the wreaths are more traditional in nature and usually rather ornate. The show is on the upper level of the Ridgeway Center.

On Tuesday morning, I saw and tweeted about a school crossing-guard being hoisted onto a gurney by four EMTs. There were at least that many emergency vehicles on the scene, all with their lights flashing. I don’t know if he had been hit by a car or had had a heart-attack. He was a big man and not a particularly young one either. I’m leaning towards the heart-attack explanation. His post is on Wydown, just east of Hanley, in Clayton. Traffic is usually backed up there. I can’t believe that a car could have been moving fast enough to strike him, but of course, it could have happened. I guess that it just was not his day.

For most of my tweets, I try to elicit pithy sayings somewhere or someone and then fling them out into the ether. I do this because this is how I imagine that one should use twitter. Anyway, when I see tweets reported that is how they appear to me. I think of them as haikus or more generally poetry, all in 140 characters. When we were walking up and down the street in the Loop, last Saturday, we saw a car that had been plastered with bumper stickers. I took a photo of it, with the full intension of mining it for at least a half-a-dozen tweets. I must admit though that I don’t really have this whole twitter thing puzzled out yet. I’m kind of new to twitter. It is a good thing though that I’m beyond my child rearing stage. I might have named one hash tag, or should that be #hashtag? Like I said, I’m a newbie.


Red Sky at Night, Sailor’s Delight

I joined the twiterati today. After years of sitting on the fence and wondering if I should dive in, I decided to take the plunge. I have three reasons for doing this.

First, during the election on Tuesday, I followed various twitter feeds online. I got the various state and election calls five to ten minutes before the bloviating TV newscaster got around to announcing the same result. I would run in from the computer room and announce to Anne what had just occurred and then she would she the same announcement on TV. I think that after a while, she rightly found my behavior somewhat annoying. So much the better, if you ask me. While, I would not have had to join twitter to continue to do this in the future, it did influence my decision.

Second, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I heard news reports of people being able to get local and detailed accounts of damage at various locales. In the event that a similar widespread disaster occurs either here or in the vicinity of a love one, it might be nice to get that same detailed level of information.

The Wine Dark Sea of Gitche Gumee #Chardonnay

Finally, there is the undeniable element of self promotion. This week, I read the Julia Thomas NYT Magazine article, #InPraiseOfTheHashtag. In her article, she refers to the pound sign as that hungry octothorpe and goes on to liken it to the chorus of a song, its refrain. I look at it as another art form, a 140 character art form. Thomas likens it to poetry, I’ll just shoot for good one liners, checkout @RegenAxe.