Laumeier Sculpture Park

Laumeier Sculpture Park is a Saint Louis County Park and is a venue for contemporary media artists works.  Anne and I went there on Saturday afternoon for a walk.  Most of the sculpture at Laumeier is outdoors and is displayed on landscaped lawns or woodland trails, but there is also a small indoor exhibit space.  Today’s header shows The Way by Alexander Liberman.  The Way was constructed from eighteen salvaged oil tanks.  This sculpture is the park’s signature piece.  It is also its largest. 

Below is a picture of my favorite sculpture, Eye by Tony Tasset.  Eye is a ten foot diameter sphere, that has been painted to an incredibly detailed level to look like a human eyeball.  One of the curators told me that the artist used his son’s eye as a model.

Sticking with the spherical motif, the next sculpture that I liked was Ball? Ball! Wall? Wall! by Donald Lipski.  It is constructed of fifty-five steel marine buoys.  Its plaque gives the following description:

Lipski’s sculptures are acts of reclamation for objects contemporary culture usually overlooks or discards.  He creates sculpture out of industrial salvage material and speaks of his work as a task of fitting, joining and re-assembling the world.

Inside the museum, there is an exhibit of Mark Newport’s Self-Made Man show.  This show just opened on Friday.  Here is a link to Laumeier’s description of the show.  Newport combines his love of knitting with his love of comic books to create super hero costumes made of acrylic yarn.  I especially enjoyed the movie that he made.  The movie shows him knitting while wearing the beige costume that is pictured in the link.  The soundtrack is the William Tell Overture, also know as the Lone Ranger Theme.  After tramping around in the mud, the rocking chairs were much appreciated.  He hales from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  Does Mouse know him?

I got out on the bike on Saturday morning and rode in the Park.  The Saint Louis Track Club was running a race, so there were plenty of people out and about, but I only saw one other rider.  I got fifteen miles.  I got a lot done this Saturday.  This was the first Saturday in a month that I did not work.