The Goddess of Speed

1937 Packard Goddess of Speed Hood Ornament

On Sunday afternoon, I went for a leisurely bicycle ride in the park. We weren’t exhausted from our morning’s exertions in the basement, but Anne heard the siren song of school work and demurred. So, I set off alone.

The Rock n’ Roll Marathon was still going on in the park. Two bandstands were in the park and another could be heard over at King’s Highway and Pine. The shtick about the Rock n’ Roll Marathon is that they mount a bandstand at every mile, along the 26.2 mile route.

this Also going on in the park, just in front of the History Museum, was the Orphan Car Show. This is a classic car show that is limited to makes of automobiles whose manufacturers have disappeared. One of the club’s car owners tried to explain to me the rules of automobile orphanage, but it pretty much sailed right over my head, except to say that sometime in the not too distant future Pontiac cars will be eligible to join this club.

This paragraph is the political rant one, Repugs [KW] may want to skip to the next one or so. Crossing Clayton, I noticed that Crestwood has sprouted Romney yard signs. What gives? Missouri is a red state and is not in play. Maybe it is Romney’s rise in the polls? If so, that’s like rooting for the Cardinals after they are already in the playoffs. At the car show was a women wearing a Romney T-shirt and matching ball cap. I guess she was campaigning, or at least showing her flag. I resisted talking with her, because any such discussion would have been futile. Almost as futile as this rant, except that it makes me feel better saying the things that need to be said.

Personally, I think that Romney is screwed. He screwed himself the day that he wrote that New York Times Op-Ed saying that Detroit should go bankrupt. Meanwhile, Obama swept in and saved Detroit. Michigan, Romney’s adopted state is no longer in play. The state that his father ran American Motors from and then became governor of will vote Obama, as will Ohio, and for all of the same reasons. No Republican has been elected president, without winning Ohio. This one won’t win Ohio or the presidency. He is not a car guy, no matter how much he claims he is. OBTW, there were several AMC products on the lot.