The Confluence

The Confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers

No local geographical feature better defines the Saint Louis area than the Confluence, the meeting point of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Yesterday, we headed there. Our first stop was the Riverlands where we saw about twenty Trumpeter Swans. It is still early in the season for their winter stay here and I expect that their number will grow. They began taking-off and flying away at our approach. I only managed get one swan butt-shot. Afterwards, we drove south to the Confluence, which is housed in Ted Jones State Park. We had the park to ourselves. The gravel road to Ted Jones was very dusty. Afterwards, I could not see out the back window. The RAV4 now needs a bath. I flew the drone, getting this panoramic. Looking north, the noticeably browner Missouri River is on the left, while the Mississippi River is on the right. Water levels are low. 

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