Thanks, Joe Biden!

Joe Biden Caricature by Donkey Hotey

One of the maxims of American politics is that the sitting president gets blamed for everything that happens on his watch. So, then it is logical to conclude that it is all President Biden’s fault that the House Republicans cannot get their act together. This is a caucus that cannot elect its own leader. Is unable to authorize aid for two of America’s allies in their hour of need, Israel and Ukraine. Next month they will be unable to pass a budget resolution to keep our government open, forcing yet another shutdown. I mean who else is there to blame?

You could blame the former guy, but he has plenty of problems of his own to deal with now. Blaming him for wreaking the Republican party would be just like piling on. Besides he is going to jail.

You could blame the House Republicans themselves. They gerrymandered themselves into power while only being a minority party. The gerrymandering that gave them the House also gave them a clique of bomb throwing insurrectionist that they have to contend with. But those people do not want to govern. They’re insurrectionists! Besides not belonging in government in the first place, they just don’t care a wit about this country.

You could blame the Republican base that elected all of these clowns in the first place. A base that has been fed a steady diet of lies. That have been persuaded to vote against their own self-interest. People who if you waved an American flag in front of their face, would follow you blindly anywhere. No, this would imply that they have freewill. So, who is left to blame? Joe Biden. Thanks, Joe Biden!

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  1. The GOP has been a conglomeration of malcontents for a generation. Even Bush II needed foriegn wars and domestic terrorism to assert his leadership over this alliance of anxious disaffected voters. Only when the Repuplican party finally looses it’s capacity to generate donations, will it splinter into oblivion. As long as rich conservatives think they get a bang for their buck, this dangerous clown car will muck up our goverence.
    Trumps only relevance is that he can raise money! His weakness is his inability to share.

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