My Muse Has Returned

Chris and Dad at Rio Grill

Anne returned to town Wednesday night, landing at Lambert. She just finished enjoying an extended stay in Boston getting to know her grandson better. Since then, she has received an infusion, had lunch at Southwest Diner with me, gone out drinking at aa wine bar with Joanie and Max at Cooper’s Hawk, dentist appointment and attending a play at the Rep. The infusion was part of an Alzheimer drug study that she has been participating in for most of the year now. It is a double-blind study, but based on how she is feeling now, afterwards, I do not think that she got the placebo. Yesterday, she had to get up early for her appointment, and afterwards, I treated her to lunch at Southwest Diner. Later that day, we met Joanie and her sister Max at a wine bar. It was very, very loud. We all got hoarse from shouting at ech other to be heard over the din. Max is in town for her fiftieth high school reunion. This morning, both Anne and I awoke with sore throats. She was worried about having caught Covid but tested negatively. Even the added inducement of getting out of a dentist appointment was not enough to dissuade her. Tonight, we have theater tickets for Twisted Melodies at the Rep. Joanie had already seen it and said it was very sad. Spoiler! At least, it is only ninety minutes and not three hours like the last Rep show that we saw about the Lehman Brothers. Speaking of the Rep, this theater company that we have been attending for almost forty years is in real financial difficulty now. They have cancelled their last two shows in the season, and they need to raise $2.5M by the end of the year. I hope that they survive. OBTW, the photo of Chris and Dad was taken by Kathy. I lifted it without permission off of her Facebook page. It is a great photo. Dad looks so happy! 

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