Please, Don’t Spike the Baby

She Shoots! She Scores!

Tomorow, Anne wings her way to Boston. She is going to be the baby whisperer. Maren’s maternity leave is ending soon and before Declan starts daycare, Anne will be filling in. She is seen here modeling Declan’s first Halloween costume. It is supposed to be a soccer ball. It is still a work in progress but should be ready in plenty of time. After I drop her off at the airport, I will be left here, home alone. Anne will spend a few weeks in Boston with Maren, Dave and Declan.

In other East Coast news Brooklyn is flooding. A massive rainstorm has dumped a ton of water on NYC. The NY Times and twitter are both full of photos and movies that show the widespread effects of the flooding. The city is now under a state of emergency. Dan and Britt seem to be doing fine. Their five-floor walkup is still above the water. Although, being on the top floor, their roof leaks, but this has been an endemic problem for a while. No word yet on whether Dan’s Prius has also weathered the storm. He will venture out, maybe later today to find out.

In other Dan news, he has just landed a new job. He starts Monday, assuming the flood waters recede. This job is in Manhattan, so he will need to take a train, which presently are not running. This is not just another 1099 gig, but a real job with a W-2 and benefits. It does not pay as well as the union job normally would, but that job is still on strike. He interviewed for this work this week, got a tour of the facilities and was offered a job on the spot. He had once worked well with the guy that hired him. Nondisclosure agreements prohibit him from discussing this new opportunity, but this group has had a very successful run with their previous theatrical show.

That endeavor, Sleep No More, debuted in 2011 and except for a Covid shutdown has been selling out ever since. Reviewers describe this show’s experience as immersive theater. Cast and audience are allowed to intermingle. The production is nearly wordless, and the audience is expected remain completely silent during the show. The audience is also expected to wear Venetian carnival-style masks. The reviewer recommended that no audience member should drink, since patrons are expected to follow a merry, macabre chase up and down stairs, and through poorly lit, cluttered rooms and corridors.

The set is billed as the McKittrick Hotel but is just decorated warehouses. The plot for that show is loosely based upon Macbeth. Having never seen this show, I am still reminded of Meow Wolf of Santa Fe. Meow Wolf was built in an old bowling alley. It is also a labyrinth but has no actors. Anyway, it sounds like an interesting opportunity for Dan.

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