Live Culture Force 1’s

Live Culture Force 1’s, Arron Fowler, 2022

The Culture, the SLAM show that we saw this week extended beyond its ticketed exhibition hall. Sculpture Hall, the original 1904 World’s Fair portion of the museum was also affected. Back in 1904, old photos of this hall show it densely packed with figurative sculptures. When we saw this week, it was almost empty. Gone were the pair of wooden Spanish doors that had been refurbished by a friend. Also missing was the moving Panorama of the Mississippi. This series of painting, which span several hundred feet of canvas was routinely moved once a quarter, advancing the visible panel from one scene to the next. In its place was the pictured “Air Jordans” made from repurposed auto body parts. The information booth had been slid into the alcove where the Spanish doors had once stood, leaving half the hall empty. A garage bandstand was added. I guess for all of the concerts that were/are planned for this year.

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