Mega-Millions Scratcher

Matthew 19:24: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Mega-Millions jackpot is currently over 1.5 billion dollars. The chance of winning this lottery is similarly astronomical, but you cannot win if you do not play. Consequently, I asked Anne to buy me a ticket. Somewhat reluctantly and not really understanding what she was doing, she bought the pictured scratcher ticket, instead of a lotto ticket. We did not win anything on the scratcher. Later, Jay and Carl went to the store and bought two tickets that were printed together. We plan on splitting any winnings that we might get, however unlikely that that might be.

The drawing is not until Tuesday night. So, we have about 24 hours to dream about winning. This dreaming is what I view as the real value of buying a ticket. Due to our advanced age, once winning, we will likely take the lump sum payout. This option cuts the payout from $1.5B to $750M. Not quite a billion, but still pretty close. This option is preferred because assuming that you do not just go out and spend all of your money, normal investing should allow you to more than double your winnings over the twenty years that the metered annual payment scheme provides for. The question then remains, what will we do with all that money? What would you do?

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