Happy Birthday, Aimeé!


Anne and I are at the cabin again. Saint Jane relieved us from our elder care duties for the weekend. On Friday, we met Jane at one, when she came by to pick Harry up for a doctor’s appointment. We hit the road immediately afterwards, heading north to the cabin. We arrived at six. Dinner was takeout Mexican courtesy of the Grinch. Guests of honor included Aimeé, her son Robyn and his wife Megan and their daughter Teddie. Harry would be so jealous. Today, Robyn and his family left, flying home. Taking the same plane that Britt had just arrived on. A lot of comings and goings going on. Today was a great beach day. Today is the birthday for Aimeé and me. We were both born on the same day and are now sort of astrological soulmates.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Aimeé!

  1. Happy birthday Mark and Aimee!
    And your gift is extended relief from elder care! Every day is a beach day!

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