Hit the Road Jack!

When we drive far enough east, we eventually hit toll roads. Nowadays, these tolls are all drive by camera tolls. Our little sojourn last month for the baby shower, resulted in some such tolls. We got New York’s bill last week and this week we got Ontario’s. It is the Ontario bill that intrigued me the most. I hardly looked at the New York bill, when I paid it. Canada wanted $22. I paid by credit card, using my phone. Which reduced the amount to $15, due to the favorable exchange rate. I was so pleased with this result that I went to Anne, to brag about this financial windfall, but she was quick to burst my bubble. She pointed out that only $11 of the original bill was for tolls, the rest of it was for fees. First, there was a dollar-fee in addition to the toll charges, called the toll charge fee. Maybe that is for paying relocation for all the now automated out of a job tollbooth workers. But then there was a $4 camera fee too. So, I must pay for the laid off humans and for their new robot overloads. WTF! Finally, there was an account fee, which I can only hope is a onetime charge. Yeah, right. There were other fees too. Still, with everything else considered, I came out ahead. That was the travel for the baby shower. On our trip to Boston to see the baby, we will again travel through Canada. It really is not about the cost. Canada offers a more relaxing alternative to the States. In addition to heading east, we will also be heading south from the Soo. It will be a two-day drive for us. I think that we will be overnighting in either Ottawa or Montreal, before diving south through Vermont, on our way to Boston and the new grandbaby.

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