Chihuly at the Garden

Flori Boat, Dale Chihuly, 2022

I cannot remember when the Gardens first introduced the concept of what has now become an annual event here, their summer show. One of the first such shows, in 2001, was also a Chihuly exhibit. Many of the works first displayed then, were purchased by the Gardens, and have become a permanent part of the Missouri Botanical Garden experience. This year’s show only builds upon its predecessor’s success. Featuring dozens of original works, artistically nestled within the Garden’s environs, and scattered throughout its grounds. This show opened early in May and is scheduled to run through mid-October. Yesterday, we went to see it. It being a Tuesday and the show having been open for almost a month, the place was not very crowded. We easily scored a parking space on the Garden grounds. It was warm, almost ninety, but not uncomfortable. The grounds surrounding the new visitor’s center are beginning to come in. Substituting for last year’s show was the grand opening of this new visitor’s center. Many of the Chihuly works are electrified and would be best to see at night. Something that we will have to do soon.

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