Home Again

Ringleader and Accomplice

We got home again last night, after driving straight through, with 700+ miles, twelve hours and going through Chicago, we made it. As epic as that drive sounds, it was not all that bad. It turns out that driving on the middle day of a three-day holiday weekend is the way to go. Traffic was relatively light and there were few semis. Still, a twelve-hour drive does take its toll and today was a recovery day. Pulling into our driveway, we noticed that a party was happening up the block. The two gay guys were hosting their annual Memorial Day shindig. They have been throwing this party for as long as I can remember. They go all out and every year’s party has a new theme. This year the theme was the circus. They had been going at it since the morning, but there was still plenty of food left, plus some interesting drinks. I grabbed a burger and a cup of iced Mermaid Piss, which contained mainly rum. We sat and ate and talked for a while, but twelve hours of driving soon took their toll. Every party has a pooper that is why they invited us. We did not stay long and exited after giving our hosts our thanks.

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