Outside of Grizzlies – Bill, Liz & Anne

“You’re the queen bee.” I began writing this post just as Anne had finished today’s NYT spelling bee contest. She had won and was showing me her victory page. I must have hit the microphone button on my iPhone’s Notes app just then and it captured my words. Serendipity. This morning, we left Jay at the hospital again, hopefully to get some treatment for her workaholism. There is a lot of that going around, but if she gets enough done then she can accompany us up to the cabin. We briefly visited with Harry this morning, before heading downtown. We first visited Kerrytown farmer’s market. Anne got some more yarn and Pussy willow for her father. I explored. Bill called back and we made a luncheon date at Grizzly’s. Walking, we got there first. It was soon like old times again. I did get some bad news from them about any internet upgrades. They are still not there yet, but think that they are close. He does not know for sure, because Jamadots does not do long distance. The Green Acres Hooterville phone company comes to mind. On exit we spotted Liz crossing Liberty. Serendipity.

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