Back in the USA!

Mama T-Rex 🦖

We are back in Ann Arbor now, having finished our visit to our friendly neighbor to the north. It was fun while it lasted. Jay has joined us here. Harry is doing well. In fact, he seems to be chafing under all his progeny’s supervision. There seems to be too many witches in this coven or maybe it is just the flying monkey to whom he objects. We, or at least me, may soon be asked to leave. He has had the last of his PT sessions and I am not sure how many more nurse visits there are left. This morning when we arrived, He had already taken his pills and blood pressure. Later, Jay showed him how to split his pill. Oh, and Otto feels quite free to move around the building without his walker. Another sign of his growing independence. Don’t tell Big Nurse about this. To sooth his financial concerns of the three of us eating him out of house and home, I proposed to fix dinner tonight. His initial response was no, “You are not a good cook.” After some pleading, he relented, probably figuring that if he did not like it, he could always eat downstairs afterwards. Eventually I took the hint, after I figured that there were not enough chairs.

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