Full day in the big city! We took the train downtown, having chosen our room for its easy rail access. We got on at the end-of-the-line, filling the car as we headed into the city. Our stop was the museum stop, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). We breakfasted next door to it at a college coffeehouse and when the museum opened up, we went in. Lots of dinosaurs! The presentation of the exhibits was quite good. Not being mobbed by other people was also a pleasant surprise. Occasionally a school group would wash over us on their way to the sea, but this was an infrequent interruption. We lunched out at some New Zealander’s restaurant called Hemingway. It was basically a pub, but a rooftop one., on a nice day My enthusiasm after lunch waned some, but we stuck it out, even into the day’s extended hours. This was a good thing, because then we could get into a special exhibit for free. You guessed it more dinosaurs, this time the T-Rex. Some bones, but also lots of other imaginative preservations. My favorite was a huge wall sized LCD screen that was showing T-Rex dinosaurs romping through the woods. What made this display were the kids who would chase these dinosaurs back-and-forth and then mob them at every turn. There I saw the real reason that the dinosaurs went extinct. Giant meteor? Nah Volcanoes? No way Small mammals! For dinner we grabbed food from Italy or should I say “Eataily.” Nice! Crowded train ride home. Had to stand most of the way, putting Toronto closer to NYC than London on the subway spectrum of politeness.

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