This Time We Looked at the Falls

Horseshoe Falls

After the shower we headed west to Rochester. Bob and Noreen fixed dinner for us and then later, Bob and I picked up Alice and Chris at the airport, fresh from Japan. Normally at that time, A+C would head straight to bed, but the jet lag from flying around the world messed with their clocks and we ended up staying up late enough that I was even getting sleepy. The next morning, Chris took us out to breakfast, while Alice was unable to resist the siren song of work. A get together next year, to mark another decade’s march towards decrepitude was proposed. Noreen suggested the cabin, which we heartily welcomed and look forward to entertaining all of our old friends there. Then it was time to go. We stopped at the falls this time. Near the cabin, Tahquamenon falls is often referred to as the Niagara of the Midwest. This must be a flatlander’s opinion, because size wise they are not anywhere near the the same. Driving to Toronto our car mistook the speed limit signs in kilometers per hour for MPH. So I was doing eighty most of the way, as was everyone else. Noodles for dinner. There were a lot of different Asian restaurants to choose from and we chose well. Here in Toronto we have a room in a house, with shared bathrooms and kitchen. A bit of a change, but still nice.

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