Lost in a Fog

Foggy Morning

We are enjoying our visit to Monterey, but something has come up. Anne will be flying to Michigan from here, while I will return home to Saint Louis by myself. When I get back home again, I need to accomplish a few chores. Mostly, I need to get the RAV4 back from the shop. Otherwise, I will not be going anywhere. Then I need to protect the car from that pesky squirrel. After doing that, I also need to get Joanie her couch and then host the windows installer, so that he can take his measurements and we can get the new windows ordered, for eventual installation later this summer. Hopefully, I can get these things done in the coming week and then I can join Anne there.

Pictured is the view we had this morning. We were socked in. So was the Monterey airport below us. Those evergreens stand on the back property line, so they are not that far away. Even so, you can barely see them and that is even after I waited until the fog had begun to lift. Otherwise there would have been nothing to see at all. There has been aa fair amount of fog in Monterey all week, but this is the most we have seen by far.

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