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Old RegenAxe Header Recycled – The Earth Is Flat?

I read an article in the New York Times that quoted the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society about its most recent shipwreck discoveries. In November of 1914 three ships of the Hines Lumber Company were sunk one night off of the Lake Superior coast near Grand Marais. The steamer Curtis was towing in a line two schooner barges, the Marvin and Petersen when a gale unexpectantly appeared and sunk all three vessels, with the loss of life of all aboard or twenty-eight souls. In 2021 the Shipwreck Society found the Curtis and last summer they found the Marvin. This coming summer they will attempt to locate the Petersen. Between the three of them, these three vessels were hauling 3 million board-feet of lumber, destined for New York State. Interestingly, even as early as 1914 the logging industry in Michigan was beginning to play out. A few years later the property where Anne’s cabin now stands was clearcut and sold to her grandfather and his friends. A hundred years later the forest there has regrown. 

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