Bare Wood Furniture

“New” Dresser

Pictured is Baby Axe’s first dresser. It is half of a pair of dressers that once used to be Anne and Jay’s, when they were just wee lasses living on Crest. Rey got the other one, when Harry sold his house, which we helped to transport for him. We got this one back when the boys were born. I painted it yellow and did a crappy job at it too, if I do say so myself. I also added the quarter-round molding on top of it, to hold a baby’s changing pad. David has sanded this one down to bare wood, removing four colors of paint: yellow, green, gray, and black, in sedimentary progression. He also replaced the quarter-rounds on top and Maren has found a new pad that fits perfectly. He did a great job with it. It looks beautiful. I do not know it Dave and Maren plan to repaint or stain this dresser or leave it bare as-is? Whatever they choose, it should look fantastic.

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