Bank Error in Your Favor

Bank Error in Your Favor – Adjusted for Inflation

In the Monopoly boardgame one of the cards that can be drawn is the one that exclaims that the bank has made an error in your favor and you may collect $200. It is one of the nicer cards. Something like this happened to me. In the mail yesterday, there was not one, but two letters from my insurance company. I opened them and in both there was a check for ~$12,000, the money to cover the insurance company’s part of the damage caused by the squirrel. I was confused. The amount looked good, but why two checks? I called the insurance company, but it already being after four, I was eventually shunted to voicemail. I got a callback this morning. The “bank” had made an error, seemingly in my favor, but one of the checks had already been voided. But wait, apparently there is also supposedly a third check, the proverbial check in the mail. If or when this check shows up that would have easily given me more than enough money to buy a whole new car outright, cash on the barrel head. I can just say that I thought that they had totaled the car. I guess that little squirrel has caused a whole heaping pile of trouble. More than I ever imagined. 

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