Son of Finlay


Well, it may have come from a galaxy far, far away or maybe galactic backorders are not what they used to be. Anyway, I got a call from Toyota today and the wiring harness that was on backorder has popped up and is available now. What a small universe we do live in. So, now I have to schedule that maintenance work. Coincidently, earlier this morning, I saw a squirrel headed to the RAV4 and it had leaves in its mouth and checking the engine compartment, I found a new batch of leaves in it too. Nothing would be worse than getting the car fixed, only to have the squirrels damage it again. I have gotten peppermint spray, which was recommended as a squirrel repellent, but it does not seem to be all that effective. I’ve ordered canisters of peppermint oil that can be left in the engine compartment, plus I have ordered a pellet gun. Anne is none too keen on the gun, but at $12K+ in damages something needs to be done about these pests. Anne hit upon the idea of a rat trap, which is what we used at the cabin, and I have one here, so I might try that too.

Pictured above is David at the Scottish border. He and Marin are headed up to Inverness, a locale that features prominently in the Outlander TV series, a bodice burster I like. Speaking of which, with his shaved head and red beard, he could pull off a young Dougal Mackenzie, a character from that story. I hope that they are having fun and that Marin, Dave and the wee bairn return safely.

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  1. Learn from my mistakes: unless you take the time to get good with a pellet gun, you aren’t least as likely to cau$e collateral damage than de-squirrel your neighborhood. Squirrels are territorial. Liquidating the troublesome critter in your yard, only creates an opening for the next little rover.
    Try placing a pan with mothballs under your engine compsrtment.

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