Making Jets

Diorama Depicting Boeing’s First Aircraft Factory

Boeing adds 900 St. Louis jobs—Today’s Post-Dispatch Headline

Anne joined me last night, as I took a stroll down memory lane. A group of us, all former collogues, gathered together to honor our former boss, who happened to be in town on business. Like many of us there last night, he no longer works for Boeing, but unlike some of us, he is still working. We met at Third-Wheel Brewing Company for happy hour. A brewpub that I had thought was affiliated with bicycling, but its name turned out to be in reference to a three-wheel motorized vehicle, an example of which was sitting out front of the place. I am sure that there is a story there, but it just is not mine.

Kudos to Dave for organizing this shindig and also for bring his not too hot salsa. In conversation, I was able to get up to date on the comings, but mainly goings of my former coworkers. A lot of the old guard has already left, going on to either the greener grass on the other side of the fence or like me out to pasture. One in our number there is planning to retire next month. Another, a younger guy, the guy who took over my old job in this group is now a vice-president. Out with the old and in with the new. By way of serendipity the headline of today’s paper touted robust job growth within the company. Interesting news, in that this contradicts all of the gloom that I heard last night and for the last forty years. 

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