Great Expectations!

Puck and New Sonogram Photos

Maren is pregnant again! Her due date is the Fourth of July (±2 weeks), which puts her nineteen weeks along or almost halfway. This pregnancy had been kept under wraps until now, due to the lack of success last time. Maren and David have been slowly rolling out their good news, with this blog’s gag order being lifted only yesterday. The sonogram Polaroids are from yesterday’s anatomy scan, where everything checked out just fine. If you look closely, you can see a five fingered hand in the upper shot. I am not sure what the lower picture is supposed to show? I am sure that Puck is wondering if this promotion to Big Sister come with more food or just more responsibility. We are so pleased for Maren and David and are ourselves ready to assume our new roles as grandparents. A baby shower is set for Mother’s Day (naturally) in Geneva, NY that we will be heading east to attend. Another one is also planned to be held in Boston. An online baby shower registry has been created. 

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