Rafiki Safari Lodge

Rainbow at Rafiki Lodge

Rafiki means friend in Swahili, “When you have a real friend, it is for life.” Also, to Rafiki someone is to smear a substance on their forehead, which can be sexual in nature, or to lift someone or something for honorary public presentation. Both meanings stem from the cartoon mandrill Rafiki from Disney’s The Lion King. Our second stop on our tour was Rafiki Safari Lodge. Located inland at 3,000’, it was sort of in-between our first stay at 7,000’ and our third at sea level. I hope that you did not expect me to relate our travels chronologically. Rafiki had a distinctive African vibe, with lots of African art. Its owner-operator came from South Africa and his father was Swahili. “Low-Key” or maybe Loki was one of two brothers, whose father ask to go look at the land where the lodge is now. It is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but is located near the Savegre River, on which we later went rafting. We also did a night hike, where we saw lots of wildlife. Our cabin was a tent cabin, with full bath. Returning from dinner, one night we frightened an iguana that had parked itself for the night on the Plexiglas roof of the bathroom.

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