Potty Paper Police

When you combine first class resorts with third world plumbing, to keep everything thing flowing fine, sometimes you need to call in the potty paper police. I had heard before we came to Costa Rica that tourists should not flush paper down the toilet, even after you know what. Yeah, even TP. I kind of ignored this advice until we arrived here. Then Jorge, our guide, reiterated these instructions. When asked if this applied even for our firstt night in the Capitol, San Jose, we were told yes. I do not know if we were told this, because some Americans can be pigs in the bathroom and use half a roll of TP in one sitting or that the pipes really are that fragile. I don’t know? Anyway, Anne is religious about accumulating potty paper points, but even so, sometimes she sins, but she is not about to fish any used paper out of the toilet. I am more lazier faire. I only use TP for number two and here I miserly count out the sheets that I use, use public restrooms when available and frequently shower afterwards. TMI? (Editors’s note: This is a full service blog.) So far so good! No backups!

2 thoughts on “Potty Paper Police

  1. The “no paper in the potty” rule is, I hear, common thoughout central and South America (I have personal experience of only 4 out of 14) as well as Asia. Often a receptacle for used TP is provided (trash recepticle with lid). Otherwise, the floor is the penultimate recepticle. This is nasty to American standards. But “when in Rome”.

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