Hard Rain

Last Night’s Runoff

We got an inch of rain last night. It rained hard enough that I was awoken by it in the middle of the night. Pictured is the runoff flowing from that rain in the local neighborhood storm sewer. Said sewer is a tributary of Deer Creek, which in turn is a tributary of the Des Pere River. About ten miles from here the Des Pere flows into the Mississippi and then onto the sea. With all the rain though, I have not yet heard the sump pump erupt in the basement. Maybe it is too soon or maybe the ground is already so saturated and most of last night’s rain ended up as runoff.

There are only a few more days of Christmas left, and Dan is preparing to return to NYC. To that end, I helped him out, by running his Prius over for him to Telle for new tires. It has been a while since I last visited that auto shop, but our RAV4 just came off warranty. It is also half paid for now. So, I expect that we will be becoming reacquainted again soon. They now offer a fleet of courtesy vehicles, but instead I walked home and got to see the water flowing.

I returned the Band of Brothers DVD that I got Harry for Christmas. It was plainly marked with closed captioning, like he wanted, but he then said that it did not have. Next year, I will just get him coal or maybe a shirt, but certainly not anything electronic. Next, I got my hair cut. A highlight of that experience was when one of stylists returned, with a cute young local security guard in tow. He was sporting a box of donuts. You should have heard the hens a clucking after he left. In short, life is starting to get back to normal, after the holidays.

PS—The state’s test results came back today. The bat that Dan caught did not have rabies! No Rabies!! Nada!!! Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na… BATMAN!

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