Happy Hopeful New Year

Swirling Snow on Garden’s Central Axis

Now that most of the hubbub and hurry that surrounds our holiday season is beginning to easy, it is time to take stock and then look forward towards another new year. While life has been good, I am especially hopeful about 2023. For once in a long time this New Years day is not overshadowed by some existential threat. Not that many of the old troubles are not still out and about, but this time around they seem somewhat muted, almost neutered. There is still the usual cast of villains lurking out there in the shadows, but they seem much weaker than before. Still out there, but no longer commanding my attention, much less generating any fear. What is more, today is a sunny day! Later today, Anne and I will renew one of our resolutions and go for a walk in the park. We will get outside, enjoy this world and dive right into this new year.

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