Shaw House

Shaw House

Pictured is Henry Shaw’s country house that is part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens. As part of the Garden Glow light show it is lit via projection. This year’s show featured a new projected light display that is more sophisticated than its predecessor and prettier to view. As with the previous projection system, only the original part of the house, the portion built by Shaw is illuminated. The unlit portion of the house was added later after Shaw’s death. Located nearby is Shaw’s townhouse. It was originally built in what is now downtown Saint Louis. In his will, after his death, he had instructed that his city home be moved brick-by-brick out to what was then the country and reassembled next to his country house. Like his country house it too was added onto. It now functions as an office building for the administration of the Garden. Henry Shaw was a very successful businessman who made his fortune as an outfitter for pioneers headed west to the Californian gold fields.

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