Climatron Lights Display

Yesterday, taking advantage of the day’s balmy weather, Anne and I went to the Garden Glow last night. The temperature was still in the sixties when we later left after nine, a far departure and pleasant change from the deep freeze that we experienced earlier in the week. We were not alone in taking advantage this unusually fine weather. The Garden was very crowded. This is the tenth year that they have held this holiday lights display, and it has improved with age. The original Glow comprised half-a-million lights. This year’s display has over two million. This show features a new display in front of the Climatron, with an amazing computer-controlled lighting display, and a new projected animation on the Shaw house. Many of the old favorites like the tunnel of lights were back too. The first time we went through the display it was so crowded that it was like shuffle city and not all that much fun. We went back around after all new entries to the gardens had been closed and it was much more enjoyable. With last week’s very cold weather, the ponds in front of the Climatron froze solid. It was so cold that the Garden had to shutter the whole show for two additional nights just before Christmas. People took advantage of the cold weather to walk out onto the ice for better photos, but by last night the ice had turned rotten and staff were posted to save guests from themselves. The remaining ice detracted from the reflected beauty of the synchronized lights.


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