Everything Everywhere All at Once

Google Eyes – Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella on Unsplash

Everything Everywhere All at Once—I cannot think of a better movie to watch, especially at this time of year, when life is going full-tilt boogie and coming at you, at a million miles an hour. This film opened in theater’s last summer. Having already seen the trailer (see below), I knew that I wanted to watch it too. Daniel’s friend Michael had just seen a sneak preview of it and was all the rave about it, but we were at the cabin, and they do not really do movie houses up north anymore. I think the closest still functioning theater is in Escanaba.

Anyway, I digress, fast-forward to the present and now the movie has dropped on Showtime and is available to rent everywhere. Created by the “Daniels” (Kwan and Scheinert) and staring Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as Evelyn, a struggling Chinese-American businesswomen, wife, mother, and daughter. She is running a failing laundromat, being served divorce papers by her husband, estranged to her grown daughter Joy, and suffering under an imperious visit by her father, who never approved of her marriage in the first place. To make matters worse, she is being audited by the IRS, in the form of Jamie Lee Curtis, who you will never recognize and that is just one universe.

You see this Evelyn, one of thousands of alternate universes full of Evelyn’s and is the Evelyn, the one who will save us all, even if she seemingly cannot even save herself. Beneath this show’s Sci-fi façade, its story is really about family and how we connect with each other—Sorry for that saccharin shift to a platitude for summation, but it is true.

Flashback to last summer at the cabin, Michael was telling me about the film while I was making breakfast, one of my favorites, an everything bagel with a smear, a prop which also plays a pivotal role in the movie’s storyline. I mean if you could have everything, why would you ever settle for plain? I think that this picture could win the Oscar and I am not alone in thinking that. It is already on quite a few short lists and this year is fast running out of time. It has everything and seemingly is going everywhere, so that when it ends all at once, one is left wondering, what did I just watch? I guess that I will have to watch it again, just to figure out what I have seen.

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