The House Beautiful

The House Beautiful, 1909

Our little old homestead on the prairie is not exactly looking its best today, but that is because we have just completed the annual packaging and shipping parade that occurs every year at this time. Yesterday, I hauled packages up to the local UPS store and let them do the packing and shipping. Today, Anne and I wrestled mighty with the USPS online click and ship process, but after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we bent this recalcitrant Federal government software to our wills. Rather anticlimactically at the post office I simply zoomed ahead of everyone already there in line and dropped off my goods on the designated corner of the counter, gave everyone there one last knowing look and then simply departed sans packages. Ticking down the remainder of our list: online orders made, check; Christmas cards sent, check. I do believe that everything that is leaving town has already left and everything that has been sent is scheduled to arrive before Christmas. Now it is time to take a breath and prepare to get everything ready that is still in town ready for the holidays. Still, today’s achievement marks a significant milestone, one that grants us another week of time. A week to decorate, although some of that is already done. A week to clean our little hovel, but it will not take that long or maybe more correctly, will not be given that long to do. Almost a week to prepare for guests, plan for and prepare the holiday meal, kick back, relax and enjoy the season. With everything shipped out, the place does look less cluttered.


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