Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor

We left Cleveland and headed to Michigan. Swinging by Michigan Fine Yarns of Livonia, Anne was able to stock up on all of her knitting needs. Then Ann Arbor, with check-in at our motel, then downtown. Checked out TK Wu for dinner later and Avalon for breakfast tomorrow. Anne found 10,000 Villages on Main that was having a Midnight Madness sale. We barely got away with all that she could carry. Swinging by Harry’s new digs we picked him up for another downtown run. I must say that driving around Ann Arbor tonight was pretty hairy and this from someone who has already driven DC, NYC and Boston on this trip. It is unusually warm this evening, so everybody and their brother was out and about. Mostly on foot, ignoring all traffic rules, but also by bike. I got a dirty look from one cyclist, who decided to pop out of my blind spot and also my all-seeing car’s. The biggest surprise I saw was on the face of one young woman who was in a crosswalk and stared at me with incongruity, when I stopped to let her cross the street in front of me. With Harry in tow, we stopped again at TK Wu, this time for dinner. The food was amazing. Returning to his place, I fixed his TV, and we spent time with him reviewing our travels, until it was time to leave.

2 thoughts on “Ann Arbor

  1. I love tk wu, and often order the Singapore noodles there, a giant mound of delight. Avalon is wonderful and be sure to read their mission statement/story when there about how they began. if you were downtown last night it was especially busy due to 3 holiday festivals all in one night, including the midnight madness you mentioned. enjoy!

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