Cleveland’s Arcade

We are in Cleveland tonight. It was an interesting drive here from Rochester, what with gale force winds off the lakes Ontario and Erie, with winds that spat rain and sometimes snow flurries. Even though the temperature never got below freezing, spray kicked up by the trucks made for near whiteout conditions at times. We persevered though, making it here in the early afternoon. We had talked about stopping at Cuyahoga National Park, which is just east of Cleveland. It would have been a new park for us and we were past the front, but the weather had turned quite cold by then. We didn’t stop, but pressed on regardless. After check-in and with most of the afternoon still ahead of us, we came up with a plan. We will be here tomorrow, and then we will tour both the Science Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, down by the lake. The Hall of Fame is open late tomorrow. It was very windy today and is expected to be the same tomorrow. We visited the pictured arcade that opened in 1899 and is likely the first indoor mall of America. Afterwards, we crossed the street and ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in the city library. It was more interesting than it sounds and definitely warmer than being outside. Later, we grabbed dinner, tacos, and then headed back to the hotel.

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