There Is Always One…

There Is Always One…

When taking group pictures there is invariably one in the group who is not posing sweetly. To them I say, go ahead and make my day. The four of us, Anne, Dan, Dave and I took Puck to the dog park, giving Maren a wee bit of a break. Years ago, on this holiday weekend, we were passed on the highway by an aging Volvo station wagon that had white shoe polish sign, painted on its back window with the message, “4 days with the FAM, Send Booze!” We have often wondered since, if that message was ever erased upon arrival, but I expect not. Not that that’s the situation here.

Anyway, at the dog park, it was all Puck, all of the time. The weather is nice today, sunny and warmish (50 °F). So, the dog park was chock-a-block full of other dogs, with their people. Puck was pretty much consumed with chasing balls and sniffing butts, dog heaven. We took a break from the dog portion of the park and walked a trail around a reservoir. Its water level was very low. The water had dropped enough to expose the remains of old stone walls, from ancient Pilgrim farms. Once our walk was done, we rejoined the furry fray and Puck got some running. Sometimes she was chasing other dogs and other times she was the one being chased. Puck is napping, mission accomplished!

In-between these little forays outside, most of our time is spent huddling around the full screen hearth/TV. FIFA’s World Cup soccer is playing from when we arise, until the mid-afternoon, when I guess it gets too late in Qatar, over on the other side of the world. The football highlight of this holiday weekend was yesterday’s 0-0 draw between England and the US. The hype for this game was already in overdrive and quickly accelerated to hyperdrive, before the first foot touched a ball. These two teams have only faced each other three times in World Cup play. There was yesterday’s draw and in their next previous meet that game was also a draw. They first met in 1950, when the upstart US team actually beat the heavily favored England. Saint Louis had a role in that win, because a sizable portion of the US team were of Italian descent and came from the Hill, the Saint Louis Italian neighborhood. 

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