59th Street Bridge

59th Street Bridge

Leaving NYC this morning, with Dan at the wheel. We’ve spent two nights in Brooklyn, but spent most of our waking hours in Queens. On our arrival night in the city we visited Allen and Ashlan in their home in Long Island City, which is part of Queens. Anne got to see their apartment’s view of the 59th St. Bridge, the inspiration for one of her current quilts. More importantly though we all got to see Elijah, the superstar rockstar of NYC. The next day we were back in Queens. This time we walked to the 59th St. Bridge. We crossed it halfway before all of the speeding bike traffic became too much. We ended up taking a ferry first to Manhattan and then back to Brooklyn and Dan and Britt’s apartment, with its five floor walk up. Last night, we were in Queens again, this time for dinner at Britt’s parents house. Britt’s sister and the family’s dogs also welcomed us. We enjoyed a lovely Italian dinner and the great company too. This morning, we were once again in Queens, with Dan at the wheel, leaving NYC for Boston.

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