With all the hubbub over Twitter, this last week, the virtual dissolution of another Elon Musk property has gone relatively unnoticed. That would be Hyperloop, another transportation venture that has proposed shooting people underground, through an evacuated tunnel at speeds of 500 MPH. We viewed a touring model of one of these proposed vehicles last week at the National Museum of Transportation. This two-passenger vehicle is designed to ride magnetically elevated above two-rails, in a near vacuum, proposing super-fast, low-energy transportation.

Notice the red logo of the Richard Branson formed Virgin Group on its side. As of last week, Virgin pulled out of Hyperloop and withdrew its name from the project. Also, as of last week Hyperloop paved over its test tunnel in LA and put up a parking lot there instead. Reminds me of a lyric. While not dead, Hyperloop does not seem to be doing all that well. Certainly not as well as the other Musk owned, more prestige projects, like Tesla and SpaceX.

Also last week, Mr. Musk acquired Twitter. It remains to be seen where Twitter will fall on his spectrum of holdings. In one week, he made an ill-advised foray into the Pelosi tragedy, fired a quarter of the company’s workforce, floated the idea of selling its fabled blue checkmark, the platform’s badge of authenticity and has apparently lost a sizeable portion of Twitter’s advertisers, the platforms main source of revenue. What a busy week! With all these goings on it is not surprising that he has not yet had time to end world hunger. I just wish that he would find a little time in his busy schedule to pay a bigger share of taxes.

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