Not Today’s Weather

Sunny Fall Day in Forest Park

It began raining late, during the night and has continued raining this morning. It will likely rain all day. This is our second big rainstorm in a week, and we need the rain. Before these two rains, we had hardly had any rain for weeks and things were quite dry. After today, we should be well on our way to redressing this shortage. It is a good thing that we do not have to go anywhere today.

Last night, our doorbell rang. It was almost eleven o’clock. Anne was lying on the couch watching SNL. A man was at the door, a young man. It turned out to be nothing. I did not recognize him, but he turned out to be a new neighbor, who lived up the street and his wife was doing some baking. She needed some salt, a half teaspoon to be exact. We poured the salt into a baggy, making him happy and then sent him on his way.

Only afterwards did I begin to have regrets. What were we thinking? What if we had been attacked? I mean while his request while innocuous was certainly strange, coming at that late hour. Thoughts of the day’s news about the Pelosi’s late-night attack came to mind, “Where’s Nancy?” These are scary times and not just because today is the eve of all hallows eve. There are bad people out there and we are no longer spring chickens. Fortunately, it turned out to be nothing.

2 thoughts on “Not Today’s Weather

  1. I hope you and Ann will always remain kind, thoughtful neighbors, regardless of the atrocities that fill the news. Times like these make us wary who strangers might be, rather than considering being just who we are.

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