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Apparently, the 2-5 inches of rain that we got earlier this week was enough to refloat the island that is Tower Rock. It is now not possible to walk to the rock, at least with dry feet and the fact that it is normally surrounded by strong eddies and cross currents, maybe wading to it is not such a good idea either. It was fun while it lasted, what with no services, no parking and way too many people.

Our squeaky steering wheel saga continues. I dropped the RAV4 off yesterday and had to leave the car at the dealer overnight. Some spring for the steering column arrived this morning and I recovered the vehicle this afternoon, but I will half to bring it back again in a week or two for some bushing that is on backorder. This squeak is developing into quite the project. I am sure glad that it is all under warranty. For each trip, I drive one way and Uber the other. Today, I Ubered out to the dealer. We passed a wreck that must have just occurred, because when I returned half an hour later that direction of the highway was a parking lot. It is so much fun reexperiencing rush hour commuting, after being out of the flow for so long.

Apparently, everyone involved in this week’s school shooting had done or at least tried to do the right thing. That is except for the shooter, who by all appearances was a troubled individual. His family who he denied having got him help, kept after him to take his meds and even had his gun taken away, which he somehow replaced. The police responded quickly and correctly, minimizing the amount of hurt that was done. I do not know what else could have been done? Except maybe thoughts and prayers? Oh, and ban assault weapons, and limit access to all types of firearms.

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