Overcoming Adversity

Extra-Tall Paraplegic Man at Tower Grove Park for its 150th Anniversary

Yesterday, just like everywhere else, Saint Louis had a school shooting. Tragic as this event was, ours, as these things go, was not the worse, except for two people, a teacher, and a student. Fortunately, the city police responded quickly and professionally, killing the shooter. It occurred at a city school bordering Tower Grove Park, where we had been just the day before to celebrate this park’s 150th anniversary. We had also been to this park earlier in the week and as we walked around the park, heard the school’s marching band practicing outside on a fine Indian summer’s day. Last night, a memorial service was held in the park. Sadly, except perhaps locally, this incident will not garner that much attention, before it like all the other proceeding such attacks are waved aside by the next ones to occur. Today, rain finally came to town. It has been over a month, without much rain. Besides the Mississippi River being quite low, our yard had become quite dry, with many of our plants wilted. We are forecasted to get an inch and a half, before this storm is gone. This rain will not do much for the river’s level, but our yard should bounce back quickly afterwards. This morning, I took our RAV4 into the dealer to fix its squeaky steering. I left the car there and took an Uber back home. Stuck in morning rush hour traffic, I had plenty of time to be alone with my thoughts but could not fathom why anyone would do such an evil deed.

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