Thanks for the Memories!

Wainwright and Molina take the Field

It has been too long since I have actually written a post…

We had a block party, which was nice. As near as I can tell, we have cracked the top five of longest in-residence households on our street. It was a nice little party that was held right in front of our house. The weather was perfect that night. It has been dry, and talk has turned to that of drought, but we are expecting rain. 

The Cardinals made the playoffs, but then promptly bowed out after only two games. Their postseason hopes died shortly after in the bottom of the ninth Yadier Molina got a hit in his final at bat of his career. Years ago, in 2004, we were actually at the game where Molina first came up to bat in the majors. The scoreboard announced his batting average as 0.000. Yadi got a hit at that at bat, his first, so that the next time that he came to the plate his batting average was 1.000. He has come a long way since that first game. Also departing the Cards this year will be ace pitcher Adam Wainwright and all-star Albert Pujols. Pujols returned to Saint Louis for his last season here. Instead of coming home to die, Pujols went on a homerun hitting streak and topped 700 career dingers.

We have guest coming to visit this week, which means we have been desperately trying to clean up our act. In preparation for entertaining, we have cleaned out a lot of the boy’s old stuff that has been languishing upstairs. We learned at the block party that we had just missed the city’s annual yard sale. We could have unloaded there a lot of what we eventually just threw out at that sale.

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