She Turned Me into a Newt

Today bring the first of October, it is time to admit that summer is over, except for Indian summer that is and weatherwise that is the best time of year here in Saint Louis. Here in the Lou, we are normally cursed with the worst of both worlds, northern winters and southern summers. The saddle seasons are usually the best around here, except that spring usually flies by in a blink of an eye. First it is still freezing and then practically the next day it is already sweltering. Fall generally lingers longer.

This year, we’ve enjoyed a long stretch of temperate weather, cool at night, but still warm enough during the day that I have not yet had to surrender my shorts for big-boy pants. We haven’t had to run either the heat or the AC for over a week. It has also been quite dry around here, which is OK. I’m watering the new grass that I planted last month, and it is doing quite well, but some of the plants in the backyard are starting to wilt. I may want to start watering back there too. I heard on the radio that the Mississippi River is way down now, enough so that it is affecting barge traffic. October also brings with it the baseball playoffs and as per usual, the Cardinals have clinched their division.

October also amps up all the hoopla of the Halloween season. I was taking out the trash this week and found a witch’s hat in the backyard. I have no idea where it came from, but it had been windy the day before. I assume that it blew back there from some neighbor’s yard. Bringing it inside, I placed it on Anne’s head and snapped her picture, before she knew what was up. She is really quite bewitching in it and will probably turn me into a newt for publishing it. I just hope that I eventually get better.

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