Nao Santa Maria

Nao Santa Maria

Tuesday morning, the tall ships began passing south. The Pride of Baltimore II slipped by us, before I was even aware of their passing. Likewise, the Neo Santa Maria, but unlike the Pride, which already seemed too far gone to chase, the Santa Maria was still in the locks. Also, we had not seen that boat yet and we had seen the Pride. We hurried into town, as fast as we could, but first stopped to dump the recycling. The Santa Maria had already locked through by the time that we made it to the locks, so we had to chase it onto Rotary Park. By the time we got there it was already half-a-mile downstream of us. We raced onto 4-mile park, but it was already passing that point too. Finally, we headed south to 9-mile road, turned left and headed to the river. When it turned to dirt, we passed a couple of signs; one said that this part of 9-mile was only a seasonal road. The other cautioned us to lookout for water on the road. We figured that that was the river’s edge. We got to the river, about a mile or two ahead of the boat. I deployed the drone and sent it out over the water towards the Santa Maria. A tern tried to intercept my craft, but I figure the drone’s angry bee sound drove it off. I eventually got close enough to the boat, to get the above photo, but turning the drone around, I was a little lost as to where we were with respect to the drone’s current position. Have no fear though, it knew exactly where we were. I punched the return to base button, it rose two-hundred feet and immediately began to close the distance between it and us. It even cautioned me to step away from the takeoff/landing point. Soon enough, it was overhead, and I brought it in manually. Another successful flight, one that I can walk away from with my drone in-hand and intact. Finally, on the way back, we saw some Sandhill Cranes and Anne got an excellent shot (coming soon).

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